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Domestic Electrical Services

What Domestic Electrical Services do we offer?

Our Domestic Electrical Services help home owners, get back on their feet and allow them to get more PowerPoints, a new Switch Board, a Safety Switch and much much more. Below we have a write up about some of our main Domestic Electrical Services.

Our Main Domestic Electrical Services

All Electrical Repairs, Services and Installations

Plugged In Electrical can manage all of your Electrical repairs, services and Installations. From Stoves and dishwasher repairs to Safety switch installations and checks, Plugged In Electrical can help.

Hot water system Repairs

Do you suddenly have cold water whenever you turn on the hot water tap? You might need your hot water system repaired. Our hot water system repairs are done with quality products to insure that you receive good quality work and parts from us when we repair your hot water system. If this is the case just give Derek a call on the number on the left.

Stoves, Cooktops and oven repairs

Having kitchen troubles? Spending time and time again not being able to cook? If this is the case you will mostly likely need your stoves, cooktops and oven repaired. Alongside our efficient work ethic, our stoves, cooktops and oven repairs are fixed with good quality products that insure you have no issues in the long run. If you believe your stoves, cooktops and oven needs repairing then contact us today.

Dishwasher repairs

Unable to wash your dirty dishes? A broken down dishwasher might be the problem. At Plugged in Electrical we provided our customers with high quality dishwasher repairs to suit any issues or complaints. Our Dishwasher repairs are completed with suitable and long lasting equipment to ensure you have no issues over time. Need your dishwasher repaired? Call us today.

Range hood repairs

Does your range hood need repairing? If you have a Range hood that isn't working then you require our range hood repairs, we can repair any range hood you need us to with our Range hood Repair skills and technics

Safety switch installations and checks

Has it been awhile since you had your safety switch Installed or checked? Well don't fear call or contact us and we will work out a time to have an electrician come around and perform a full check. Getting a Safety switch installation and checks while getting other electrical repairs or installations around your home.

Switchboard upgrades and repairs

Do you live in a fairly old house? If you answered Yes to that question then you might want to think about getting a SwitchBoard upgrade or get your old one repaired. If you have been through a storm and you want to double check everything is ok and in a safe working order then call us out today and we can preform switchboard upgrades and repairs for you today to keep you safe.

Smoke alarm testing and replacements

Unsure if your smoke alarms work? Need them replaced in a fast and simple manner? Smoke alarm testing and replacements are essential in every households and need to be constantly reviewed. With our highly rated work when it comes to smoke alarm testing and replacements we can ensure you will have no issues when it comes to a fire incident in your home or business.

All electrical fault finding

Storm season can lead to electrical faults and fixing them on your own can be highly dangerous. To save you the trouble when finding electrical faults our staff can find all electrical faults and repair them in a quick and timely manner to ensure your place can be up and running again. Think you need your house or business looked over then contact us today.

Power point installations

Power point installations can be very tricky and difficult to operate and can be dangerous for unqualified operators. Before considering to install a power point on your own we advise you contact us for a safe and timely installation. We want all our customers to be in a safe environment especially when it comes to electricity. So before you perform a power point installation contact us to maximise your chances of a safe home in the future.

Light Switches

Light fittings